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As a consequence, in an echo of rencontres Victorian times, Rebecca now identified as maracay a fallen woman, suffers a similar fate to stable Rochesters recherche Bertha.
Now, through intertextual dialogues and exchanges between Victorian and post-Victorian texts, we femmes may establish doublets between characters in different novels of different periods.
Miss Ingram is an opposing character, or doublet, to Bertha.15The approaches to femininity represent a constant theme in her process of self-discovery.In both cases, Bertha and Rebecca, their alternative personae, play a major role in educating the women partenaire in the realities of life so that they ultimately are brought stable within the ethics of Victorian or neo-Victorian femininity as a result of their choice and experiences.Moreover, Janes situation as a governess presents remarkable common points with Berthas as a wife as she argentine is also disinherited, dependent and domesticated.If it cherche is supposed that mans sexual desire buenos is inevitably entangled with his manhood, cherche female passion needs to be hidden or even negated as it is not becoming according to Victorian standards of womanhood.Jane needs the male stable confirmation of the existence of female desire.I would further argue maracay that all of the main characters in Brontës novel are dual, even contradictory figures in themselves without any need to resort to comparison with others.Many gender-transgressive or gender-worshipping ghosts confront both Mrs de Winter and Jane before they encounter their real doubles, Rebecca and Bertha.The Madwoman in the Attic.Bertha represents female desire gone wrong, either through overuse or through neglect and, indeed, Victorian convention established a close link between madness and sexuality in women.12As regards Jane, once she has heard this demonstration of the power of male discourse, she locks herself in her room to reflect on her own.

9 Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca, London: contacts Arrow, 1992,.
Jane and femmes Bertha are not on speaking terms: the pure Jane must lleida stop her lleida ears to the siren song of contacts the fallen Bertha.
Consequently, Jane and cherche Mrs de lleida Winter, Bertha and Rebecca, and Rochester and Maxim, can arise as doublets that share some basic presumptions on gender but are subtly transformed and reincorporated in modern and contemporary texts.
Jane wavers between a dual interpretation of Bertha, as an embodiment of undue female desire, and as a necessary illustration contacts lingerie of the presence of alternative models lleida of womanhood.Her situation lhomme differs from Berthas now: she is able to make a decision, she cannot succumb to a fate of domestication or sexuels a fate of unfettered female desire.Actually, some of the early criticism of the novel centred on the gender transgression it contained, for reviewers in Victorian periodicals often categorised characters according to the extent to which they conformed to gender idealisations, that is, sentiment, refinement and tact for women, and power.It is through the awareness femmes of the existence of these alternative, and prohibited, models lleida of womanhood that they grow up and establish a more egalitarian relationship with their respective husbands.6Thus Bertha remains a figure of gender transgression for Jane who is still unable to identify what she is after having been subjugated to gender conventions.

Jane beholds herself as Bertha while their images are merged in the mirror, and yet Jane is unable to read between the lines, as she is still incapable of discovering the meaning Bertha represents which she will only understand when she hears Rochesters explanation.
They argued that Bertha was Janes dark double and thus they underlined sexuels her importance for the female protagonists own development as a woman, recognising both her passionate and dispassionate nature.