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It's not accurate to think one will have how many times of marriage according to the numbers of the line.
Fig 14, fig.If the two lines running parallel with different lengths, you are lécole easy to fall into love-triangle situations.Or, you may fall into a largentine love triangle which makes your marriage life full of quarrels.If the line has split ends, it sexe indicates marriage crises and milanuncios separation.It can also indicate salamanque someone who couple easily criticizes others and who lentilles is not taken in by physical beauty.It couple shows you are passionate, gentle and usually have a happy family.Grilles means that there are great ups and downs during your marriage life.If recherche this mount is normally elevated, it can indicate an attractive and healthy individual who is passionate about the arts and the finer things in life.Selon les cas, on proposera un traitement hormonal général ( traitement substitutif de la ménopause des ovules ou des crèmes hormonales, un lubrifiant (en pharmacie).

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If there are short lines above or below the marriage couple line, it indicates many quarrels, hard love relationship and a stubborn character contact of you.
During vénus your later year, annonces you vérone are easy to suffer hypertension recherche or diabetes.No numéro Marriage Lines, if you dont have marriage line, it means vénus that vénus you have no desire to love.Fig 12, two contact Marriage Lines, some célibataires people explain that two marriage lines means one have two marriages.It indicates split-up or divorce.Saviez-vous par exemple que le sexe féminin a un nom?A lire aussi: Ne ratez aucun article de m en recevant directement une alerte via Messenger.